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Project management Service

  • Planning projects for companies and non-profit organizations
  • Managing and conducting project planning within the company
  • Developing operations, progress management, counselling
  • Creating a unified, project management manual tailor-made for both the given project and the company conducting it
  • Harmonizing and documenting organisational and project processes
  • Assessing project HR demand, counselling in professional selection
  • Project conducting, project management, workshops
  • Organizing and providing trainings
  • Establishing a project office within the organization
  • Software backup for the processes of the project

Conducting background studies

Doing feasible studies, introducing the members of the consortium and the project developer, social and economic environment as well as introducing the demand analysis and alternatives, writing the content of the project, carrying out feasibility analysis, analyzing economic and social influences and introducing risks.

Performing PR and Marketing tasks

Mind Tender and Project Management Ltd. with the involvement of its experts undertake planning and accomplishing tasks related to PR and marketing in accordance with sub tasks as follows:

  • Producing and writing media publications as well as forwarding them to media when setting up a project
  • Organizing a press conference when launching a project
  • Producing information materials, publications and leaflets
  • Making photo documentations
  • Organizing press events based on demand

About the cost

Tender and Project Management Office Ltd. similarly to its competitors on the market charges for providing project management service.
The cost charged depends on the type of the service, the length and size of the given project as well as the loyalty of the customer. Please contact us with confidence.
Make a personal appointment at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.