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Why submit a tender?

Needless to say that by submitting tenders, you can get access to domestic and EU resources that helps you enterprise realize its goals and developments more easily. Everywhere we look we can see the signs of supported projects from the renovation of schools and kindergartens, the construction of roads, railways and public utilities, to Human Resources training and company residence development.
Those enterprises that took advantage of the tenders, gained a competitive advantage over those who did not even give it a try.
Our answer to the question in the title: you should submit a tender to be part of the large group of enterprises whose success is thanks to non-refundable financial support that provides an opportunity to invest part of the taxes back into the economy.

Why do we need a tender writer?

The domestic tender system has become so specialised, that a layperson often even has difficulty finding the appropriate resource or tender.  In a lot of cases the tenders are also written with a specific size of enterprises in mind. These are just a few examples why the organisations specialising in tenders, like ours, can prove helpful in navigating through this complex system. All the more so, since it is a function of our day-to-day job to be fully aware of and up-to-date about tenders and their relating regulations.
The other reason why it is advisable to turn to professionals is that certain tenders contain pitfalls hidden behind cleverly worded, sometimes unclear sentences. We can protect our partners against these pitfalls.
We, at Mind Tender and Project Management Office Ltd., consider it important to be honest to our clients, so we always offer a clients a preliminary eligibility assessment free of charge for every tender to make sure we only write a tender that fully meets the criteria of eligibility. This way we can protect our client against unnecessary costs and effort.
To sum up, a counsellor and tender writer can help you with:
Searching for tenders and resources; research
Tender and enterprise analysis
Preliminary evaluation
Avoiding pitfalls
Striking a balance between your goals and the resources available
Cost efficiency
Contact our counsellors for free information and preliminary evaluation.


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