Itt jár Ön:

The active and main participants of the non-profit sector have mostly learnt how to write and execute a tender in the last few years. Yet, there are several organizations that have not succeeded in exploiting excellent tender sources, which could have aided them in carrying out their plans. It may have occurred either because they did not dare to think in big or those running the organizations lacked of the time necessary for the tender and the executive administration. Additionally, local foundations and organizations are still uncertain and timid saying that “we have never done anything that big”.

In the future finding and obtaining the tenderable financial sources tailor-made for the given organization due to the increasing competition, means additional work and time for the organizations, which they cannot provide.

Our company offers its partnership and cooperation in the following sectors:

  • Education, professional training
  • Juvenal and social programmes
  • Health Care Service
  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Equal opportunities
  • Talent Management

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