Itt jár Ön:

The aim of MIND Tender and Project Management Office ltd., as a professional organisation dealing with tender writing and project management, is to aid the activity of Hungarian companies and organizations that are eager and able to develop, innovate and reinvigorate. 

Our effectiveness is guaranteed by a staff that is well qualified and have long years of experience in tender writing. 

According to our business philosophy, being successful means achieving the common goals. With this in mind we never forget that we, experts talk about tenders and projects every day, but in reality with each of these our goal is to support and fulfil the corporate goals and dreams of our partners’. Accordingly, we consider every project equally unique and important.

We believe, as supported by our experience, that the domestic tender system has become so specialised, that a layperson often even has difficulty finding the appropriate resource or tender.  In a lot of cases the tenders are also written with a specific size of enterprises in mind. These are just a few examples why the organisations specialising in tenders, like ours, can prove helpful in navigating through this complex system. All the more so, since it is a function of our day-to-day job to be fully aware of and up-to-date about tenders and their relating regulations. 

We consider it important to be honest to our clients, so we always offer a clients a preliminary eligibility assessment free of charge for every tender to make sure we only write a tender that fully meets the criteria of eligibility. 


Our company is fortunate to be able to support you with a complex service package. 

Our tender writing and project management services: